Tendo Launch Digest

This is the first Tendo Digest, a quarterly email to provide an abridged version of product, distribution and company topics, as well as interesting trends and case studies in frontline work. Digests will be formatted like this email - a couple of scrolls of text and a single image. Of course if these updates aren't for you, don't hesitate to unsubscribe via the link in the footer or find us on social media at@tendowork.

In this first update, it's worth outlining what Tendodoes. Over the past year, we've set out to improve economic security for the skilled workforce, while meeting the changing needs of businesses that depend on reliable frontline operators. Our starting point is an app which works as a two-way exchange where employers and employees can mutually share a verified record of hours and skills on a weekly basis. This provides a place for managers and team members to have informed conversations about personalised career pathways, while also incentivising employees to improve data that they may end up porting elsewhere. Create your own personal or business account for free atapp.tendo.com to start creating verified credentials.

Accounting for the motives of employers and frontline workers pinches together a number of fascinating, dimensioned worlds. In Brooklyn, New York catering company Emma's Torch train and hire refugees, an approach which is also taken on the West Coast by 1951 Coffee Company in Berkeley, California, and again in Munich by Über den Tellerrand. Over in Baltimore, Maryland the hiring of previously incarcerated citizens is the focus of salvage and materials restoration non-profit, Brick + Board, contributing to the broader "ban-the-box" campaign for returning citizens.

Housing security is being tackled by The Pret Foundation'ss Rising Stars, a programme that has trained and employed over 450 previously homeless in the UK. Meanwhile in Johannesburg, the ambitious redevelopment of an industrial site has reinvigorated a dwindling downtown neighbourhood. See our "The future of work is happening now" post for more on these case studies and other insights that inform what we do at Tendo.