Tendo improves economic certainty for employers and employees by creating a digital incentive to collaborate around training and development goals.




Our app generates a mutually verified record of workplace skills and hours on a weekly basis. This record is owned by the employee and can be ported to subsequent employers as proof of work and a foundation for lifelong learning.


Business Benefits

  • Increase productivity by rewarding learning and development of new skills

  • Maintain employee reliability by providing regular recognition of hours worked

  • Improve retention and maintain headcount

Employee Benefits

  • Gain a visual recognition for consistent, reliable work

  • Maintain a trusted record of work experience

  • Learn about which skills will progress your career


Two-way verification

All Tendo records are verified by a both employer and employee, improving the integrity of workplace data while serving as a regular check-in between manager and employee.


1. “Stamp” composed including hours and skills
2. Stamp shared with recipient for verification
3. Recipient receives and verifies Stamp
4. Employee Tendo record updated, accessible to paying employer


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