This page outlines a partnership that Tendo is look to secure to run a partnership from April 2019. Any questions can be emailed directly to


Tendo is looking to inform the following for a pilot customer to work with the company for two months on on a no-cost basis.



  • Absorbing customer time data (hours) and allocating this to individual accounts, accessible to respective customer employees. Each employee would then have a Tendo login where they can view their hours.

  • Appending time data with skills for respective employees

Internal Architecture

  • Arranging customer frontline operations into: Roles, Tasks and Skills, with Skills attached to Tasks, and Tasks attached to Roles. These will be stored in the customers’s business settings.

  • Automating Stamps across 150+ employees, triggered on a weekly basis according to hours data from time data


  • Ability for employees to share their Tendo profile, either through opening a URL or connecting their account to third-party systems (customer intranet).


Tendo would require initial input from the customer to link systems to create employee accounts, then one hour per week from a key partnership or technology stakeholder in learning and development.