Get recognised for work you’ve already done

Doing frontline work is tough. As a builder working outdoors. As a waiter on your feet for hours. As a cleaner working around the clock. Pay isn't always great and prospects for professional growth aren't promised.

Tendo improves economic security for this workforce. We create a proof of hours worked and skills demonstrated at the end of each week. Employees can understand what value they have and own their future of work. Employers can effectively incentivise workers to learn and provide long-term value.


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How Tendo works


Anything stored on Tendo records has been verified by a both employer and employee. This two-way verification mproves the integrity of the data. This virtual handshake also serving as a formal and frequent check-in between manager and employee.


Business Benefits

  • Plug churn

  • Incentivise reliability and reward loyalty

  • Develop organisational resilience by incentivising upskilling and cross-training

Employee Benefits

  • Get formally recognised for passing milestones - probation, pay increases, qualifications

  • Retain a record of hours worked and skills demonstrated

  • Learn about which skills will progress your career


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