Tendo equips employers with an independent ledger to record an individual’s work history, incentivising low-skill employees to improve their productivity and economic security.


How Tendo Works

Tendo’s platform allows employers to track hours and skills for the workforce, and have this data mutually verified each week by the employee. An employee’s Tendo profile is portable, acting as a lifetime record that can be moved between jobs and shared with new employers.


1. Employer uses Tendo’s mobile-friendly website to compose a “Stamp”. The Stamp contains information on number hours worked and skills shown.
2. Stamp shared with employee using SMS
3. Employee verifies Stamp by replying to a SMS
4. Employee and employer records updated simultaneously - a dynamic digital passport for work


Business Benefits

  • Increase productivity by indicating pathways to progressing within each role

  • Maintain employee reliability by providing regular recognition of hours worked

  • Understand ways to improve retention and gain insights about drivers behind employee motivation

Employee Benefits


• Learn about new skills to develop in your role and gain recognition for your progress

• Gain recognition for reliability and consistent delivery of hours

• Maintain a record about your longterm value to a company


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