Tendo improves the economic security of low to moderate income workers by providing a trusted ledger on which to build a verified record for work done, at the same time providing an incentive to maintain relevancy in a dynamic job market through continuous upskilling.


How does Tendo work?

Tendo allows companies and employees to share a verified record of hours worked and skills demonstrated, increasing motivation and incentivising professional development.

1. Employer notes hours, skills and timeframe in a “Stamp”
2. Stamp shared with employee
3. Employee verifies Stamp
4. Employee record updated - a dynamic digital passport for work


Business Benefits

  • Increase productivity by indicating pathways to progressing within each role

  • Maintain employee reliability by providing regular recognition of hours worked

  • Understand ways to improve retention and gain insights about drivers behind employee motivation

Employee Benefits


• Learn about new skills to develop in your role and gain recognition for your progress

• Gain recognition for reliability and consistent delivery of hours

• Maintain a record about your longterm value to a company


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