Tendo improves the economic security of frontline workers by providing an independent ledger on which individuals can store on-job skills accreditations from their employer.


How Tendo Works

Tendo’s platform allows employers and employees to share a common record of hours and skills during their time of employment. This generates a mutually verified record that compounds over time, on a weekly or monthly basis. An employee’s Tendo record is portable, acting as a lifetime store of their occupational competencies and experience.


1. An employer or employee composes a “Stamp” containing information about hours and skills.
2. Stamp shared with recipient for verification
3. Recipient verifies Stamp
4. Records for employee and employer updated


Business Benefits

  • Increase productivity by indicating new skills and competencies for each employee

  • Maintain employee reliability by providing regular recognition of hours worked

  • Understand ways to improve retention by keeping employees engaged in development

Employee Benefits

  • Learn about new skills to develop

  • Gain recognition for reliability and consistent delivery of hours

  • Maintain a record about your long-term value to a company and be formally acknowledged for your progress


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