Tendo improves economic certainty for employers and employees by creating a digital incentive to collaborate around training and development goals.

Our technology generates a verified, portable record of an individual's workplace skills. Employers and employees mutually verify records of hours and skills on a regular cadence (daily, weekly, monthly). Once verified, employees own and compound the same data at subsequent employers, information each employer can view in a single dashboard displaying their frontline’s work experience and capacity.




Tendo is made of three people (April 2019). Will Ross is founder and handles everyday business operations and communication, interfacing with customers for product discovery.

Will also works as a waiter in a Vietnamese restaurant in Soho, London. Ross Greenhalf and James Allardice are in charge of engineering. Ross was Head of Software at Tesco until April 2018, and each have lead technical teams at advanced enterprise-tier companies (currently, The Economist). The team have worked together since June 2018, with James and Ross operating within their agency, orangejellyfish.